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Ron Brandon
Kathy Buttry
Robert (J.R.) Daniels
Bert Seabourn
Connie Seabourn
Cheryl J. Smith
Tim Sullivan
Glen Thomas
Bert Seabourn:    Paintings should contest the creative elements: Order versus chaos; contemplative versus emotional; raw versus refined. I try to make each piece of art a unique fusion of design, color, form and composition, using a layering of texture with drips, smears, runs and splatters. The responsibility of the artist is to make a unique experience for himself and the viewer.

My art can be found in the Vatican, Rome, Italy; the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC; President Gerald R. Ford Library Collection, Ann Arbor, MI; President George Bush Collection, Houston, TX; American Embassy, London, England; China's National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan; and Moscow University, Ulyanovsk, Russia. In Oklahoma City: National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum; the Oklahoma State Art Collection, and OKC's Museum of Art. My sculpture, "Wind Walker," a 23-foot tall bronze was unveiled at Southwestern Bell State Headquarters in Oklahoma City in 1997."

Bert's Email: Seabournart@cox.net

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